Treatment of chronic inflammation of the upper respiratory airways by inhalation thermal therapy with sulfur-sulfate-bicarbonate- carbonate-alkaline earth mineral water: a study of nasal cytology

Authors: Cristalli G , Abramo A , Pollastrini L
Source: Acta Otorhinolaryngol Ital. 1996 Dec;16(6 Suppl 55):91-4
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Article abstract

The purpose of the paper is to better characterise changes occurred in nose cytology in a group of 50 subjects affected by chronic inflammation of upper respiratory airway. The patients were random shared in two groups: group A 40 subjects treated using sulphurous thermal water and a group B (control), 10 cases, treated using placebo saline solution. The post-therapy evaluation of nasal cytology showed an improvement of the chronic inflammation in 65% of group A patients (diminution of bacterial dust 65%, diminution of PMN cells in 60% of cases and disappearance of metaplasy notes in all the cases of group A. No statistical modifications were observed in control group. Moreover were observed a increase of plasma-cell number much more in group A. The author conclusion is that a period of thermal therapy using sulphur-sulphate-alkaline-earth metals water in chronic inflammation of the nose, throw pharmacological and physical actions, cause an improvement of the chronic inflammation and a normalisation of nose cytology.

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