Comparative evaluation of efficacy of crenotherapeutic Politzer with sulphurous water versus crenotherapeutic Politzer and autoinsufflation (Otovent®) in patients with tubaric dysfunction and secretory otitis media

Studio comparativo dell'efficacia del Politzer crenoterapico con acqua sulfurea versus Politzer crenoterapico e auttoinsufflazione domiciliare (metodo Otovent®) in pazienzi affetti da disfunzione tubarica e otite media secretiva
Authors: De Nobili E , Bellomo A
Source: Medicina Clinica e Termale 20(64):30-34 · March 2008
DOI: Not specified Publication date: 2008 Mar E-Publication date: Not specified Availability: full text Copyright: Not specified
Language: Italian Countries: Italy Location: Terme di Arta Correspondence address: Not specified


Article abstract

Forthy children with secretory otitis media and tubaric dysfunction, aged between 4 to 10 years, were selected at the Terme di Arta, and subsequently divided in two groups. All patients were treated daily, for 12 consecutive days, with inhalation, crenotherapeutic Politzer and aerosol with the sulphurous calcic-magnesiac water. The ones of the group A made at home a therapy of autoinsufflation (Otovent®), three times a day for 1 week for two consecu tive months. The two groups were evaluated with the chi square test. In both groups at the end of the crenotherapy there was no significant statistically difference of the tympanogra phy. Instead, two months after the crenotherapy the im provement of tympanography was superior and statisti cally significant in the group A (p < 0,0002), the one that used at home autoinsufflation (Otovent®).


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