Radon balneotherapy - new aspects

Radon-Balneotherapie - neue Aspekte
Authors: Deetjen P (1)
(1) Institut für Physiologie und Balneologie der Universität Innsbruck
Source: Phys Med Rehab Kuror 1992; 02(3): 100-103
DOI: 10.1055/s-2008-1062113 Publication date: 1992 E-Publication date: Not specified Availability: abstract Copyright: © Georg Thieme Verlag Stuttgart · New York
Language: German Countries: Not specified Location: Not specified Correspondence address: Not specified


Article abstract

Radon is a radioactive rare gas which emits alpha rays. In particular high concentrations as they occur in uranium and various other mines, Radon increases in proportion to the exposition the risk of lung cancer development.

In the range of very low doses, however, like those used for therapeutical purposes the situation is quite different. Biopositive effects result from the stimulation of cellular activity and from the fact that regulatory mechanisms are put into operation.

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