Balneotherapy with arsenical-ferruginous water in chronic cervico-vaginitis

Authors: Danesino V (1)
(1) Istituto di Clinica Ostetrica e Ginecologia, Università degli Studi
Source: Minerva Ginecol. 2001 Feb;53(1):63-9
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Article abstract


The aim of this study was to evaluate the efficacy and tolerability of vaginal irrigations with arsenical-ferruginose water from the spa at Terme di Levico in chronic cervico-vaginitis in order to assess the validity of balneotherapy in improving the symptoms and quality of life of patients.


An open comparative study was performed in 30 patients with symptoms attributable to aspecific chronic vaginitis (in child-bearing age) or vulvovaginal dystrophy (perimenopausal age). Twenty patients (Group A) received balneotherapy and 10 (Group B) were treated with placebo vaginal suppositories. All patients were required to fill in a questionnaire on symptoms. A thorough gynecological examination was performed, together with a Pap-test and vaginal secretion sample for bacterioscopic and microbiological tests. The same tests were repeated at the end of treatment.


Post-treatment results showed a general reduction in the extent of gynecological symptoms reported by patients. A statistically significant reduction was only observed in patients receiving balneotherapy for the following symptoms: vaginal burning , vulvar burning , vaginal itch , vulvar itch , leukorrhea . An analysis of the cytological tests performed in patients enrolled in the study highlighted a high prevalence of phlogistic type findings, often in association with varying degrees of atrophy in postmenopausal patients. Those patients suffering from chronic vaginitis undergoing balneotherapy showed a reduction in the prevalence of phlogistic findings after treatment.


Treatment with arsenical-ferruginose water led lo a marked reduction in the subjective symptoms reports by the study population (particular evident in patients with chronic leukorrhea), as was confirmed by objective signs (clinical, cytological and microbiological) of phlogosis. This was accompanied by excellent tolerability. These results justify the use of balneotherapy, according to the classic techniques and methods, in chronic cervicovaginal phlogistic processes.

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