Effects of Thermal Spring Baths on Lipids in Serum

Authors: Mizoguchi T (1)
(1) Department of Physical Therapy and Internal Medicine, School of Medicine, University of Tokyo
Source: The Journal of The Japanese Society of Balneology, Climatology and Physical Medicine Vol. 34 (1970-1971) No. 3-4 P 115-129
DOI: 10.11390/onki1962.34.115 Publication date: 1970 E-Publication date: Aug. 6, 2010 Availability: abstract Copyright: © the japanese society balneology,climatology and physical medicine
Language: Japanese Countries: Japan Location: Kageyu, Nanasawa, and Kusatsu Spas Correspondence address: Not specified


Article abstract

At Kageyu, Nanasawa, and Kusatsu Spas, the author studied the balneological effects on lipoprotein, triglyceride, non-esterified fatty acids and fatty acid components in total lipids, cholesterol ester fraction, triglyceride fraction, non-esterified fatty acid fraction and phospholipid fraction in sera.
The results were as follows.:
(1) At Kageyu and Kusatu Spa, a single bath showed a quantitatively significant effect on non-esterified fatty acids but not on β-lipoprotein and triglyceride. An hour later after the bath, non-esterified fatty acids rose at maximum.
(2) Successive baths decreased β-lipoprotein at Kageyu, pre β-lipoprotein at Nanasawa but no significant change was observed in non-esterified fatty acids and triglyceride. A week after initiation of daily baths, value of β-lipoprotein and per cent of pre β-lipoprotein were lowered.
(3) Successive baths had no significant influence on fatty acids.

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