Crenotherapy: a neglected resource for human health now re-emerging on sound scientific concepts.

Authors: Vaccarezza M (1,2) , Vitale M (1,3)
(1) Department of Anatomy, Pharmacology & Forensic Medicine, Human Anatomy Section, University of Parma (2) Department of Health and Physical Exercise Science, University of Cassino (3) Office of the Scientific Director, Italian Foundation for Spa Scientific Research (FoRST)
Source: Int J Biometeorol. 2010 Sep;54(5):491-3
DOI: 10.1007/s00484-010-0311-7 Publication date: 2010 Sep E-Publication date: March 29, 2010 Availability: abstract Copyright: © 2010, ISB
Language: English Countries: Not specified Location: Not specified Correspondence address: Vitale M :


Article abstract

Recent mechanistic evidence demonstrates that spa-based therapy (or, as we propose, crenotherapy from the Greek word kapparhoepsilonnueta, spring fountain) is indeed based on solid scientific data. This mini-review highlights the latest insights into the mechanisms of crenotherapy derived from in vitro experiments, studies on animal models, and carefully designed clinical trials. Although more basic and clinical data are still needed, crenotherapy is coming of age as a modern, scientifically sound therapy. As the underlying mechanisms are uncovered, it is becoming possible to choose the most appropriate applications of this centuries-old practice, possibly reducing medical costs, thus explaining the current worldwide renewed interest in crenotherapy.

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