Inhalation therapy with sulphur water in ORL: clinical-experimental study

Authors: Costantino M (1) , Rossi F , Lampa E
(1) Seconda Università degli Studi di Napoli, Dipartimento di Medicina Sperimentale Sezione Farmacologia L. Donatelli, Scuola di Specializzazione in Idrologia Medica
Source: Clin Ter. 2003 Nov-Dec;154(6):395-400.
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Article abstract


Several clinics and experimental researches have highlighted the utility of the inhalant mineral therapy in numerous diseases to load of the tall and low respiratory streets. Aim of the our clinical-experimental study has been that of appraise "to brief term" the curative effects and the adverse reactions of a thermal inhalant treatment with sulphur water in the care of diseases ORL apparatus (laryngitis, pharyngitis, rhinitis, rhinosynusitis), appraise the course of some End points to distance.


The study has been channel on a champion of 83 subjects of which 45 of male sex and 38 of female sex with age serious equal average to 53 years +/- 2.6. The subjects of the examined champion that affections from diseases inflammatory chronic of ORL relevance (laryngitis, pharyngitis, rhinitis) were subjected to a cycle of sulphur mineral inhalant therapy disbursed with businesslike individual of inhalations to bud of vapor to the T of 38 degrees C to 20 cm from the face with duration of 10 min, follows from aerosol for likewise minutes. To the beginning and at the end of the sulphur mineral inhalant cycle has been valued the subjective symptomatology susceptible of amelioration, some End Points to distance and the adverse reactions.


The data seem to highlight the end cycle curative sulphur mineral inhalant an significant (P < 0.05) amelioration of best part of the symptoms examined like cough, nasal itch, expectoration [etc]. The analysis of the End Points to advised Distance show an significant (P < 0.05) progressional diminution of such indicators to succession of the annual continuity of the inhalant sulphur mineral treatment.


The results of such research seem to demonstrate that the inhalant sulphur mineral therapy can induced notable benefit in different inflammatory chronic diseases of ORL relevance in peculiar in the first ten of life with a positive relapse on some End Points to distance and an excellent local and systemic tolerable.

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