Sulphur mud-bath treatment in osteoarthrosis: therapeutic activity and efficiency on the quality of life

La Fangobalneoterapia Sulfurea Nell'osteoartrosi: Attivita Terapeutica Ed Efficacia Sulla Qualita Di Vita
Authors: Costantino M (1)
(1) Dip. Medicina Sperimentale sezione Farmacologia "L. Donatelli", Scuola di Specializzazione in Idrologia Medica, Centro Ricerche e Studi Termali srl- inserito in Anagrafe Nazionale di Ricerche del MIUR
Source: Clin Ter. 2006 Nov-Dec;157(6):525-9.
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Language: Italian Countries: Italy Location: Terme di Telese (Benevento, Italy) Correspondence address: Costantino M :


Article abstract


Osteoarthrosis (OA) is a degenerative condition of the joints, involving: cartilage, synovia and bone. The onset is gradual with articular pain, functional difficulties, articular rigidity being accompanied by depression. Spa therapy with mud-bath treatment (FBT) is a promising management practice that can improve the quality of life for these patients. Few studies have investigated the impact of the FBT on the quality of life for patients with OA. The aim of our study was to investigate the "short-term" therapeutic effects and the impact on the quality of life using sulphur FBT in OA.


The study has been performed on 51 subjects affected by OA, being 32 (63%) women and 19 (37%) males (mean age: 62 +/- 1,2 years, age range: 44-77 years). The investigated subjects underwent 12 consecutive days sulphur mud-bath treatment (FBT) from Terme of Telese in Telese Terme (Benevento-Italy). At the beginning and at the end of the Spa therapy the clinical symptoms induced by OA and the impact of sulphur FBT treatment on quality of life were measured using VAS scale, WOMAC and SF-36 questionnaires.


At the end of Spa therapy the results of our study, showed a significant (P < 0.05) reduction of the symptoms and improved quality of life.


The data of this first series of investigations suggests that sulphur FBT is useful in improving the quality of life of patients with OA.

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