Inflammation-inhibiting effect of magnesium ions in contact eczema reactions

Authors: Greiner J (1) , Diezel W
(1) Hautklinik und Poliklinik des Bereichs Medizin (Charité), Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin
Source: Hautarzt. 1990 Nov;41(11):602-5.
DOI: Not specified Publication date: 1990 Nov E-Publication date: Not specified Availability: abstract Copyright: Not specified
Language: German Countries: Not specified Location: Not specified Correspondence address: Not specified


Article abstract

Water containing high concentrations of magnesium ions (e.g. Dead Sea water) is effective in the treatment of inflammatory skin diseases. Therefore, we examined the influence of Mg2+ on inflammation in allergic contact dermatitis induced by 1-chloro-2,4-dinitrobenzene (DNCB) in BALB/c mice. Animals challenged with 0.125% DNCB in the presence of magnesium chloride (28% and 14%) demonstrated significantly less pronounced contact dermatitis (ear swelling) than did animals challenged with DNCB alone (p less than 0.001 and p less than 0.01). In mice challenged with DNCB in combination with sodium chloride (14%) there was no statistically significant difference in the degree of ear swelling. These results were borne out in 5 patients known to be allergic to nickel, in whom magnesium chloride but not sodium chloride, suppressed nickel sulphate-induced contact dermatitis.

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