Functional Benefits of a Structured Hot Water Group Exercise Program

Authors: Whitlatch S (1) , Adema R (1)
(1) Tucson Medical Center
Source: Activities Adaptation & Aging 04/1996; 20(3):75-85
DOI: 10.1300/J016v20n03_08 Publication date: 1996 Apr E-Publication date: Oct. 11, 2010 Availability: abstract Copyright: © 1996 Routledge
Language: English Countries: USA Location: Tucson Medical Center Correspondence address: Not specified


Article abstract

A 12 week, 24 session hot water exercise study was conducted by Tucson Medical Center fitness instructors in a 94° F therapeutic pool. The class format included flexibility and strength conditioning in groups of 12 to 16 participants. A functional fitness assessment battery and health status survey were given pre-training, at week 7, and post-training. Documented range of motion improvements included 10 percent in shoulder adduction, 17 percent in shoulder hyperextension, and 15 percent in hip flexion. Shoulder strength increased by 25 percent and quadriceps strength by 58 percent, while walking speed improved bv 40 percent. The SF-36 Health Status survey indicated significant improvements in reported pain and in social function, while no significant changes were reported in physical function, physical role, emotional role, mental health, energy, and general health perception.

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