Perception of people living with dementia and entrepreneurs on dementia-friendly leisure activities in society

Authors: Timmermans O (1,2,3) , van de Velde I (1) , Matthijsse M (4)
(1) Professorship Healthy Region, HZ University of Applied Sciences (2) University Antwerp, Centre for Research and Innovation in Care (3) Academic Workplace Elderly Care Zeeland (4) ZorgSaam Health Care
Source: SCIREA Journal of Sociology. Vol. 4 , No. 4 , 2020 , pp. 130 - 149
DOI: Not specified Publication date: 2020 Aug E-Publication date: Sept. 25, 2020 Availability: full text Copyright: © Copyright 2019 SCIREA All Rights Reserved.
Language: English Countries: The Netherlands Location: Not specified Correspondence address:


Article abstract

To maximize quality of life for people living with Dementia a continuous participation in society is indispensable. Within the CASCADE (Community Areas of Sustainable Care And Dementia Excellence in Europe) project we developed a strengths-based approach to maximise independence and participation of people living with dementia (PLWD) in the community. Important aspects of the continuous participation are patriating in meaningful leisure activities in the way people always did. In a qualitative design using the dialogue tables technique we explored the experiences and perspectives of PLWD (N=12) and entrepreneurs (n=10) on dementia-friendly leisure. Results of the study show PLWD have the need for leisure activities and dementia-friendly holidays and entrepreneurs are interested in making their service more dementia-friendly, however both groups need more support to make this a reality. The PLWD have difficulty finding appropriate activities and information about dementia-friendly holidays, and the entrepreneurs need more direction about how to make their business more dementia-friendly. PLWD report that the attitude of the community towards PLWD is an important barrier to enjoying leisure and holiday activities. Therefore promoting knowledge of and awareness about dementia within the wider community is an important step towards more inclusive communities where PLWD can participate fully and live their life to the full. We conclude awareness, support and understanding for PLWD and their behavior is needed in the community to make it possible for PLWD to enjoy participating in leisure activities. Also, with small adaptations, a number of contemporary leisure activities can be tailored dementia-friendly.

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