Bioactive substances of the Techirghiol therapeutic mud

Authors: Hoteteu M (1,2) , Munteanu C (1,2) , Ionescu EV (3) , Almășan RE (3)
(1) Romanian Balneology Association (2) SC Biosafety S.R.L. (3) Techirghiol Balnear and Rehabilitation Sanatorium
Source: Balneo Research Journal
DOI: 10.12680/balneo.2018.162 Publication date: Not specified E-Publication date: 2018 Feb Availability: full text Copyright: Not specified
Language: English Countries: Not specified Location: Not specified Correspondence address:


Article abstract

The study aims to characterize Techirghiol's sapropelic mud both by determining the organic and inorganic composition of the constituent phases and by isolating some compounds of humic substances. The distribution between the solid and liquid phases of the peloid of the Ca2+, Mg2+, Fe3+cations, PO43- anion, bioactive compounds of the protein, lipid and carbohydrate classes as well as the phosphatase activity of Techirghiol sapropelic mud are analyzed. The mud is fractionated using the pH and solvent polarity variation and is spectrophotometrically characterized based on absorption in the wavelength range 340-700 nm humic acids and fulvic acids differentiated on the basis of solubility and molecular mass.

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