Effect of mineral water from Trenčianske Teplice (drinkable source, drill SB-3) on lipid peroxidation in vitro

Authors: Durfinová M (1) , Brechtlová M , Kuračka L , Zalesakova J , Celko J , Líška B
(1) Department of Medical Chemistry, Comenius University
Source: Prague Med Rep. 2010;111(4):257-62
DOI: Not specified Publication date: 2010 E-Publication date: Not specified Availability: abstract Copyright: Not specified
Language: English Countries: Slovak Republic Location: Trenčianske Teplice Correspondence address: monika.durfinova@fmed.uniba.sk


Article abstract

Influence of mineral water from Trenčianske Teplice (drinkable source) on lipid peroxidation processes was determined in model situations under in vitro conditions using the brain tissue. The central nervous system was selected because it is especially sensitive to the radical-induced damage. In addition, there is a high content of polyunsaturated fatty acids in the brain which has a low antioxidant capacity and is relatively rich in iron ions--enhancers of lipid peroxidation processes. We present the inhibitory effect of the mineral water on the intensity of lipid peroxidation in the presence of iron ions. We assume that some component or combination of more components of the mineral water may act as chelators of iron ions.

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